Transfers from Tirana airport to Podgorica

Keep your phone to hand, as the driver will also be able to get
in touch with
you. Most trips go ahead without issue, but our help centre team is
available 24-7 if
you need us. There is a choice of transportation means any time of the day with Bus remaining the most popular option due to their reasonable pricing and comfort. Here is the list of how much you can expect to pay travelling by each means of transport available for this route. The most expensive variant is to opt for a taxi – a one-way taxi ticket can cost as much as UAH 7,455.

Radom taps Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines and Air Montenegro – EX-YU Aviation News

Radom taps Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines and Air Montenegro.

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After you make your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a voucher containing your booking number and all the details of your journey. To give you a good insight into taxi podgorica tirana the price for a taxi from Tirana to Podgorica, I did reach out to some of the well-known taxi companies in Tirana. This is a price comparison of taxi rates from Tirana to Podgorica.

Continue straight ahead for another 2 minutes, the Asllan Rusi Sports Palace and the bus terminal are on your left-hand side. The day of your trip, your transport will be waiting for you for a simple, stress-free journey to your destination. Prices includes fixed fares, taxes & gratuity with no hidden costs. You will receive confirmation of your booking via email confirming your trip details. We offer first class Taxi transfer services from Podgorica Montenegro to Tirana Albania, with professional driver who speak excelent english ,he give client a lot of interesting information and details ..

Airport & Hotel Transfer Service

Of course, there are rules on the road, but Albanian drivers often do not follow these rules. That being said, you are the only one who can judge your driving experience and ability. But I will say that if you have any doubts about driving in Albania, I recommend you take a bus or taxi instead. You will need the permission of the Albanian car rental company to drive to Podgorica because it is over the border with Montenegro. That being said, any car rental company that I reached out to in Tirana, was willing to give permission for Podgorica in Montenegro.

I will also compare the taxi prices for different taxi companies. And compare what car rental companies charge you for driving across the border to Montenegro. Finally, I will discuss the travel distance, time required, train travel, flights and more. Welcome to book a ride by taxi from Podgorica airport to Tirana city or airport. Registration on the site is not required, you don’t need your credit card.

Our fleet ranges from cost-effective taxi sedans to newer luxury limousines and minivans, such as the Mercedes S and V-Class. Taxi is the fastest way to travel between Podgorica and Tirana. Flight does a much slower job and take about 20h 5m to reach Tirana.

For small surcharge you can get much pleasant trip by comfortable cab and save at least two hours of your time. In this blog post, I will discuss how to get from Tirana to Podgorica by bus, by taxi or by car. I will include all the information you need, like bus ticket prices, bus timetables, bus station locations and bus companies.

With our Tirana Airport transfers, your driver will meet you in the arrivals hall and take you to your taxi, so you don’t have to spend your precious holiday time waiting in queues at the airport taxi rank. In order to complete your reservation, following information are required. If you are traveling from the city, we need a precise address, number of passengers and pick up time. If you are arriving by plane, the date, time, and flight number are required. To let us know about all this, it’s best to use our online form. Taxi Podgorica Tirana can be easily booked after you provide necessary information.

When the transfer is confirmed guests will get the online ticket and a very detailed e-mail with all instructions about the departure point, type of vehicle, name of the driver, phone numbers, etc. Be aware that guests very often book the transfer tickets up to the very last minute (14-16 hours before departure) which means that the minimum number of passengers can be reached at that time. For a cancellation occurring from 3 to 0 days before the start of using the reserved service, MH Travel charges 100% of the total price of the tour ticket booked. All the details stated in the offer represent the legal obligation of the client as well as MH Travel. The General Conditions represent the basis for the settlement of any possible dispute that may arise between the client and MH Travel. The client is advised to read the General Conditions carefully prior to any advance payment.

What mode of transportation is the best one for my route?

Our offered price is without any hidden fees, and you are paying for the whole vehicle (not per person). You will receive a very fixed quote for all our available cars after you request a quote. Choose a car or minivan driver according to your needs and budget.

When you book your transfers from Tirana Airport with Go Montenegro, you’ll receive an email confirmation. This has got information on it about where to find your driver, as well as provider contact details, so print it off and take it with you. Each passenger is allowed to have one checked bag and one carry on. If you’re traveling with more bags or oversized luggage, you can adjust this while booking. Always onetime always clean vehicles and the drivers are always polite and professional.

The exact cost of transportation will be determined for each transport after the route from point A to point B. Enjoy the ride with an experienced private driver who will be polite and helpful during your journey. If you are traveling with a larger group, we have minivans and minibusses at your disposal. Check above for a bus, train, flight and ferry timetable from Podgorica to Tirana. It can take you anywhere between 3 and 21 hours to travel between Podgorica and Tirana depending on the means of transport you choose.

Because since the fall of communism in 1992, there has been little interest and no investment in train travel or railway tracks within Albania. Therefore, the Albanian people travel by Furgon minibus or by private car instead. To give you a good overview of the car rental prices in Tirana, I reached out to several car rental companies and compared their rates.

A high number of of passengers arriving at the same time may make it difficult to get a taxi, Grab or Uber on spot. Some airports do not offer free WIFI service so booking a Grab or Uber service may not be possible. In some airports there are taxi booking booths but neither there presence nor sensible prices are guaranteed. Fill out the order form and choose the payment method
Specify the date and time of the meeting.

IMPORTANT – If you are travelling to Albania in July or August, it is the absolute top of the high season. So you will most likely pay more for a rental car since the cheapest cars won’t be available anymore. And as a result, you will only be able to rent a more expensive rental car.

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There are many different reasons for this, but we will not talk about it here. However, if you want to use a bus instead of a taxi ride from Podgorica airport to Tirana, the procedure is as follows. First, you need to ensure your transport to the central bus terminal, located in Trg Golootockih Zrtava street.

How to get from Podgorica to Tirana

All information is managed only between you and our bank, with an encoded page, making it impossible to read for third parties. There are no agents at the train station nor ticket machines; you can purchase your train ticket directly from the driver once boarding the train. Taking the train is definitely the cost-savvy travel alternative, as a one-way ticket only costs €1.20.

Don’t worry, our Taxi company use flight radar app tracking system to plan for delays or cancelation. If this happens, no worry, your driver will change the pick-up time to suit, and wait for 45 minutes once your plane lands. If you’re looking for a quick trip, it’s recommended that you use Taxi. However, if you’d rather take your time with a slower, more affordable travel option, you can book a Flight ticket. Some taxi companies can also offer larger vehicles for groups or travellers with oversized luggage. You can book a transfer safely and easily with Book Taxi Montenegro using Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Visa and Visa Electron or PayPal.

How to get from Podgorica airport to Podgorica city centre by taxi

The most comfortable option to get will be book a private transfer from Tirana to Podgorica. By booking a private taxi or minivan with us from Tirana Airport to Podgorica you will benefit from our final prices, with no surprises. Our driver will be waiting for you on arrival and will take you directly to your hotel, villa or other destination in Podgorica. Remember that all our transfers are private and with door to door service.


It is not really convenient for families and business people. Taxi as transfer option from Podgorica airport to Tirana is much better than traveling by bus. And if you look total expenses, for three and four persons together it is almost the same price for the journey.

Rastojanje udaljenost Aerodrom podgorica Budva km leto 2023

Aerodromi Crne Gore red letenja Tivat TIV i Podgorica TGD

No, sve su te informacije raštrkane po internetu i time nepristupačne širokom krugu ljudi. Na napred navedenim linkovima možete da postavljate pitanja, komentarišete i vidite sve novosti i povoljnosti koje nude aviokompanije, a čije avio karte možete da kupite na našem sajtu. Takođe, tu možete da pročitate sve korisne informacije vezane za putovanje avionom, čekiranje, aerodrome, procedure i mnoge druge korisne stvari… U proseku, cena povratne avionske karte Beograd – Podgorica iznosi oko 100 evra preko oba prevoznika koji nude direktne letove (i srpskog i crnogorskog), dok let u jednom pravcu košta oko sedamdesetak evra.

  • Aviokompanija iz Slovenije saobraća između Podgorice i Ljubljane, a let ima zajedničku oznaku Adria Airways-a i Montenegro Airlines-a.
  • Do aerodroma se stiže za oko 50 minuta iz centra grada, a taksijem i brže.
  • Aerodrom u Podgorici zove se Golubovci i on je jedan od dva aerodroma u Crnoj Gori (uz tivatski aerodrom).
  • Ispred putničke zgrade aerodroma, nalazi se osvetljen parking sa 213 mesta i 10 mesta za autobuse i on je namenjen svim putnicima i posetiocima.
  • No, sajtovi za pretragu letova kao što je eSky imaju i posebne pogodnosti – pogledajte sledeći naslov.

No, sajtovi za pretragu letova kao što je eSky imaju i posebne pogodnosti – pogledajte sledeći naslov. Ako ste na Vasu konacnu destinaciju dosli tri sata nakon planiranog po EU flight riths zakonu imate pravo na povracaj novca od kompanije kojom ste letili. Ovo vazi za bilo koju EU zemlju i krece se od 250 eura po putniku za EU letove i 600 za prekookeanske.

Aerodrom Tivat / Podgorica Red letenja

Plaža Jaz poseduje brojne restorane i kafiće dok se u poleđini plaže nalazi platni parking, auto kamp i fudbalski tereni. Ova plaža je poznata po brojnim koncertima na kojim su nastupali, Rolingstonsi, Madona, Leni Kravic, Armand budva to podgorica airport van Helden i drugi dok su od domaćih zvezda gostovali, Goran Bregović, Dino Merlin, Zdravko Čolić i mnogi. Uplatom iznosa 30% od ukupne cene smeštaja, i njenim prijemom na naš račun, obezbeđujete svoju rezervaciju u potpunosti.

budva to podgorica airport

Skladište na aerodromu Podgorica je opremljeno za skladištenje opštih robnih pošiljki, kao i komorom za smeštaj kvarljivih roba temperaturnog režima 2-8℃, zapremine 11ml i dimenzija otvora 195 cm x 95 cm. Porastom interesovanja za Crnu Goru, ukazala se potreba za savremenijim, većim i bolje opremljenim aerodromom u glavnom gradu, pa je aerodrom u Podgorici renoviran 2006. Jedina varijanta je da idete do glavne autobuske stanice i da kupite autobusku kartu do Budve u jednom pravcu po ceni od 6 evra. Ideja ocuvanja prirodnih resursa i zastita prirode su naš moto, a i obaveza, pa poslujemo u okviru EU Eco Label standarda.

Transfer from Podgorica to Budva

U prvoj liniji parkinga, preko puta dela za odlaske, nakon prolaza ulazne rampe, nalaze se četiri parking mesta namenjena putnicima sa posebnim potrebama. U zavisnosti od aviona kojim letite (što često praktično znači – u zavisnosti od avio prevoznika koji ste odabrali), let traje od 45 minuta do oko 60 minuta. Svakodnevno bilježi letove do različitih evropskih destinacija – do Beograda, Moskve, Londona, Frankfurta, Ciriha, Rima… Letovi do Beograda su najpopularniji tokom zimskih mjeseci, dok u periodu jun-avgust najviše putnika stiže sa dalekih putovanja. Gužve na putu, visoke cene usluge taksija, problem parkinga na aerodromu, nedovoljna pokrivenost oblicima javnog prevoza samo su neki od elemenata koji dovode do pomenutog stresa. Aerodrom u Golubovcima ima ukupno šest službi, i to su operativni centar, služba za prijem i  otpremanje letelica, putnika i stvari, služba bezbednosti, služba tehnike, spasilačko-vatrogasna služba, kao i jedinica za protivdiverziono i fizičko-tehničko obezbeđenje. U fri šopu se mogu kupiti proizvodi oslobođeni carine i poreza i on se nalazi na putničkom terminalu.


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